E. and R.

E. and R.

Split-toned in sepia and selenium.
Equipment Used
Kiev 88 w/ Vega 2.8/90
~ 1/250 @ f/5.6 or something close to that
Film & Developer
Ilford Pan 100 in Foma R09 1:40
Paper & Developer
Fomaspeed 313 in Ilford MG
matej - can you tell me a bit more about your split toning method? I have been thinking this myself and REALLY like the tones here (provided my monitor shows the same as yours!)

Do you use the selenium first or the sepia?
I really like this image. The composition is wonderful and the toning is beautiful. The only thing I would do is to try and lighten up the eye sockets on her and dodge the eyes a little on. Very, very nice. It's like I instantly see East Europe when I look at this photograph.
I think you captured the psychology of this double portrait very well. Of course the wonderful tone of the print is nice also. Good work.
Thank you for the comments.

Leon, I first did a very quick bleach which affected the highlights and some midtones, followed by a wash and then sepia toner. Then after another wash I put it into selenium toner (1:19 solution). I used normal strength bleach but it would probably be a better idea to use more diluted bleach so as to slow down the process and thus have more control over it.

I have to admit that the tones are only approximate, I'm not very good at matching scans to prints and it is quite possible that the saturation here is higher than on the actual print. Also their eyes are more clearly visible on the print.
I like it. Very straight and matter of fact but I think that is the appeal in that it is not trying to be something alse...if you gather me. Unpretentious that is what I meant to say.....Nice one.


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