Maritime Memorial with Astoria-Megler Bridge in background
Astoria, Oregon
Equipment Used
iPhone X and darkroom
Paper & Developer
Ilford MGIV and Dektol
Lens Filter
80mm Schneider
Hybrid Materials & Processing
I used software to reverse the iPhone image to negative, turned the brightness of the screen to maximum, and placed the phone face down in the negative stage of the Beseler 23C enlarger, with its lamp turned off, to project it on the paper. This is a scan of the 8x10 print.
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The composition reminds me of Cubism; it forces the viewer to ask, "What is that?" Thanks for posting!
Seems like a very early, Atget type, print. Is there any way to output the file to print more like Astoria001? Don't get me wrong, this version is interesting. To get the first version, though, would make a nice print for the wall. Is the file good enough for a good inkjet print?
I’ve only made the silver gelatin print shown above. I don’t have an ink jet printer.
This is, really, a new technique, I think.
You should send it to the geeks over at Cupertino and see what they say, it might be a marketing idea.
Very impressive print, irrespective of how it got done.
Thanks. As for the Cupertino thing, they know. My son is a software engineer there and worked on the photo app for the iPhone. When I suggested that the editing ability should include a function to switch an image from positive to negative, he took it under advisement and, in the meantime, showed me a work around With what is already there.

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