Ashen Lady
Ken Nadvornick

Ashen Lady

Along U.S. Highway 2 near the small town of Monroe.
This is my submission for the Blind Print Exchange #18.
Snohomish County, Washington State, USA
Equipment Used
Calumet C1 8x10, 305mm f/9 G-Claron, Zone VI heavy-duty tripod
420 sec (7 min) at f/32
Film & Developer
Ilford FP4+ at EI125, Adonal (1+100) at 68F/20C, 60 min full stand
Paper & Developer
Ilford MGIV FB, grade #2, Ansco 130 (1+1), selenium (1+9), contact print
Lens Filter
Nice contrast! Did you burn in the leaves at all? It is that just because the sign is double sided?Very interesting!
Not burned in leaves. Burned in sign. This was a 7-minute base exposure which overexposed the lighted sign face in order to register the leaves. Hence the full stand development treatment. The sign face still required 3x the background exposure to register correctly. What was really needed was to pre-flash the film, but I wasn't equipped to do that. I might go back and try it later.

The sign is not double-sided. But the lighting bars are open in the back. This allows the light to bleed out onto the background. It's a very eerie effect in person.
Looks good to me. I assume that this was a night-shot with some artificial light directed on the sign so the fact that it looks bright is exactly what I'd have expected to see with overspill onto the grass and leaves above.By all means try a pre-flash as I'd love to see how that compares to this but I have a feeling that this one may have the more authentic look
Nicely done. Looks like the No Tell Motel. I won't say whether I've ever been there ...

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