and they still remain (old manila now)

and they still remain (old manila now)

This has been posted from the previous site. I plan to join a local photo competition about Philippine Architecture. I just want your honest opinion, comments and tips.
Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Phils.
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Btw, this is the very first copy. Nothing has been done here yet. . . no manipulation, no cropping and toning. The only thing done here is scanned, saved and the reduced.(",)
I grew up in Manila. Studied in Ateneo de Manila University. For architecture, nothing beats old Manila - Intramuros. Makati is not the best although you might find one or two interesting buildings and structures (e.g. the old airport). Regarding this photo: I would move back a bit and try to get more of the building in the frame, if that is possible (perhaps across the avenue but that might not be feasible as I know how far that is and there is the island crossing and street light to contend with). I will be returning "home" this year for a reunion and a portfolio trip to document colonial villages and structures in Northern Luzon.
Cool!!! Thanks. But i guess that\'l be quite difficult now due to the improvements done on the streets. Ill definitely be blocked by a bus stop rightsmack infront of that building. The theme of the competition is \"noon at ngayon(now and then)\" by the Filipino Heritage Library @ Nielsens. My pitch for this compo would be the survival of old architecture amidst our most progressive business district. Its kinda frustrating in a way, coming from a designer such as my self . . . .
Noon at ngayon...hmmm. Have you tried New Manila? Quezon City? There are a lot of old court houses there and interesting colonial type houses.
Yep. Check out Thanks for all the tips, will definitely check that out. Thanks again. Gotta go!

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