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    I have a pretty serious selection of LF lenses that I'm more than willing to part with in exchange for a Rolleiflex 2.8 (C, E or F), or a Tele or Wide Rollei. Lenses included in the offer are:

    Rodenstock 90mm f6.8 Grandagon, with caps, Technica lensboard, LN condition, covers 5x7 with very limited movement.

    Sinar Sinaron 150mm f5.6 (aka Rodenstock) with caps, Technica Lensboard, LN condition. Covers 4x5 with movement.

    Sinar Sinaron 210 f5.6 (aka Rodenstock) with caps, Technica lensboard, EX++ condition.

    Bausch & Lomb Tessar IIb f4.5, on board, with custom front-mount packard shutter. Covers 11x14 or more. Will check focal length later, but in the 14" - 16" range.

    14" Commercial Ektar, with original wooden box AND serial# matched cardboard outer box, shutter recently overhauled (07/2012) by Frank Marshman.

    Depending on offer, other gems from the vault may be on the table.

    Also willing to entertain cash sales for any of the above.
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