WTB/WTT: Digisix or Digiflash Light Meter

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    Aug 19, 2008
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    Anyone willing to part with a Digisix or Digiflash light meter in good working condition for $75, plus shipping and Paypal fees? Would be shipped to NJ. I can provide fleabay references upon request.

    If anyone's interested, here are some items I would also be willing to work into a trade:

    Calumet C2 Roll Film Holder for 4x5 cameras

    Saunders VT1400 11"x14" Easel - Well used, some rust, but works just fine and gets the job done well

    F100 Body for parts - Full disclosure, I don't know how useful this is for parts as it stopped working after being briefly submerged in a swollen river in Costa Rica during a tropical storm (along with a rental Mitsubishi Montero, my newlywed wife and myself; wife, self and camera made it out (in that order), truck didn't)

    Kodalux L Shoe Mount Meter - Excellent cosmetic condition. Haven't tested agains my other meters, but appears to work correctly.

    I'll look around and see if I have other items for trade (I'm sure I do) a bit later.

    Many thanks for looking,