WTB - cheap beater 8x10

Discussion in '[Classifieds] Want to Buy' started by rrankin, Oct 15, 2012.

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    May 27, 2005
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    Have an old 8x10 in the closet so ugly that you are ashamed to bring it out? Do your LF friends shun you when you show up at a group shoot with your decrepit 8x10? Has the homeowners association mailed you letters after you used your camera in public? Well, get rid of it!

    The title sort of says it all. I don't care if the bellows has pin holes or the ground glass is missing, if the rear extension rail is there, etc as long as it is priced accordingly. It must extend at least 20", mount stably on a tripod, it must have/take a lens board at least 5x5, and not be total landfill fodder. Other than that, cheap is the operative adjective. Payment by Paypal, probably needs to be located in the USA.