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    Whole Plate Photographers Column (WPPC or 'The Column' for short).


    Hi there,

    The Whole Plate Photographers' Column is a new mailing list/working discussion group for Whole Plate based on the Googlegroup software (google registration).

    Although there are general forums and search engines for enquiring about whole plate photography, as far as I am aware, there is no specific group for new photographers embarking on whole plate imaging or helping one another develop each others' practice in whole plate photography.

    The whole plate format 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch, has its roots in early Daguerrean photography: many whole plate users continue to use collodion/wet plates, dry plates or film. As you are aware, Simon Galley's team at Ilford Harmon has been instrumental in supporting the whole plate format with the annual ULF release.

    The idea for the WPPC sprang up rather impulsively and coincidentally with a view to sharing our ideas and resources about contemporary whole plate photography and its practice. Some of us are working photographers, making a switch back to the whole plate format for personal work. In this respect, we hope the WPPC might help each other start with the basic building blocks (assembling a working whole plate camera), to developing our own whole plate photographic practice with a peer reference.

    We have no experience of running a group nor possessing mastery of its software, and the spambots may be too much to bear. It might be a terrible idea. It is not envisaged to be a highly moderated group since there are, relatively speaking, fewer whole plate photographers worldwide. Nonetheless, we thought it worth trialling the Column for those interested whole plate photographers, and re-evaluating whether to continue thereafter.

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