what can I do w/Ektachrome 5071?

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    I came across a couple of rolls of Ektachrome 5071 slide duping film someone had given me, say...fifteen years ago. They have been in air conditioned rooms since then. I'm sure they're no good for their intended use, plus I have no interest in duping slides or doing E-6. Got any ideas? Hey!..Be nice! Can I make B+W slides or negatives? I have a ton of alt-process chemicals here, so making up a blix or bleach-out isn't a problem, if need be.
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    Good Evening, Szazs,

    It's a shame that the 5071 isn't a bit newer and/or hasn't been frozen. Most likely it will at least show some color shifting, but in what direction I have no idea. I say it's a shame, because the stuff is (was?) just about the perfect film for night shots due to its inherently low contrast, similar to that of Ektachrome 6121 in 4 x 5. If it were mine, I'd rate it at maybe E. I. 6-12, locate some good night subjects, and give it a try with standard E-6 processing. Expect exposures of 2-5 minutes at f16 for a city skyline or subjects in a fairly well-lit downtown urban area.

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