Wet-Plate Collodion Workshops at Scully & Osterman Studio: January - February 2010

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    We are offering two collodion workshops this winter
    at Scully & Osterman Studio in Rochester, New York:

    Thursday & Friday - January 28-29, 2010
    Collodion in the Darkroom
    $ 425 + lab fee*
    class limited to 2 to 4 participants

    This class is an opportunity for beginners, and those with collodion experience to broaden their understanding of the process.

    Participants will be taught a variety of techniques to increase their skills while learning variants of the process. These include ambrotypes in the enlarger, opaltypes (milk glass positives), orotones, and photograms made from negatives and positive transparencies using the enlarger. Participants will be encouraged to employ techniques for creating or controlling effects. Toning options will be explored.


    Thursday & Friday - February 25-26, 2010
    Collodion Ambrotypes in the Skylight Studio
    $ 425 + lab fee*
    class limited to 2 to 4 participants

    This class includes the basics of wet-plate collodion and making ambrotypes in a northlight studio.

    Gain an Understanding of Collodion Chemistry. The class will include mixing compounds while discussing the purpose of each ingredient, how to fine tune your formulas, mixing & troubleshooting.

    Demonstration and hands-on. France will demonstrate the process, from cutting and polishing glass to varnishing the plate. Participants will then make ambrotype self-portraits and still lifes in the studio.

    For both classes: Experience with collodion is not required. The manual, The Wet-Plate Process, A Working Guide, by Mark Osterman is included. * The lab fee includes chemicals and disposables at cost. To hold your spot, send $100 deposit (check or money order) to: Scully & Osterman, 186 Rockingham St. Rochester, NY 14620.

    Please visit our website for updates, or email us if you have any questions.

    Happy New Year!!