Weird custom colour processing problem.. (question for PE?)

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    Last year some time I used Rodinal and Xtol as a first developed for colour reversals on C41 film, I also used C41 developer as the colour developer.

    The Rodinal stuff was 1+50, 40c, 2 hours to 2 hours 20 min - not a stand or semi-stand.

    Xtol as 1+1, 40c, 40min I think.

    In any case, they came out quite good, even on some 35mm Astia examples which I need to find...

    Here was the first Rodinal test

    Now I am using a first dev for a colour neg process... (Rodinal -> Fix -> Bleach -> Re-Expose -> Kodak E6 CD -> Bleach -> Fix, with wash steps in between)

    Was using 1+25 with 5g of salt for 35mm (300ml).

    Now I am using 1+100, 1 hour stand, and it works great. Though perhaps a little dense with any slight over-exposure.

    In any case, snipping off one of the frames, and putting it in the Kodak E6 CD, then bleach and fixing... gives me a dense frame that I cant really see light through.

    Im going to try 1+100, 1 hour again.. and snip off one of the frames and bleach and fix and see how dense any dye formation is as a test...

    In any case, I do not understand that, unless using C41 or Kodak E6 as a CD would make that difference.

    Because the other thing is.. I've also done Xtol... this time at around 20c, 1+1, and a normal time around 8+ minutes.. which develops the silver image to eye very well.. also gives dense blank slide.

    I havent test 1+1, 40c, 40min or 1+50, 40c, 2 hours yet... but I will...

    I dont understand why, there is a massive difference between 1+1, 40c and 40min vs 20c and 8min.. like wise with the Rodinal dilution and time

    Can anyone shed some light?

    I think I will try an actual E6 film no 1+100, 1 hour and see if that reverses...


    Im using the same bleach and fix Im using in the first developer colour neg process... Agfa C41 bleach... Kodak E6 Fixer Replenisher.

    IF they were somehow contaminated (I re-use), they should screw up the colour neg results too.. esp since I use them both twice on the colour neg process..

    Althought the time I was doing the E6 stuff with Xtol and Rodinal I had Tetenal Blix.

    The reason I came across the high times and temps as workable.. was I'd pour out the developer to see how orange it got, a really deep orange was my indicator that it was ready for reversal...
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