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    Sep 7, 2002
    Announcing our Vision and Technique Workshop

    Michael A.Smith and Paula Chamlee will be holding only one Vision and Technique Workshop this year at their studio in Bucks County, The dates are Friday evening May 18 to late Sunday afternoon, May 20. We limit enrollment to 8 participants. The workshop is filling up and if you are interested we recommend that you sign up soon. Full information can be found here:

    Among the unsolicited comments from former workshop participants we have received are these:

    "I have been a commercial photographer since I was 17, I went to collage, assisted the top photographers in London, worked on global international advertising accounts for the last twenty five years, and last year I went back to collage to do my Masters, not once in all that time have I ever had such an interesting and informative photographic experience."

    "You guys changed me, my photography and how I view what I do more than any other single event in my lifetime! I am serious :smile:"

    "Just a quick note to thank the two of you for a wonderful workshop this weekend. I cannot begin to express what an eye-opening experience it was working with you, both in the field and in the darkroom. I have been photographing a long time and I have never come across anyone who uses the camera the way you do to truly explore the world as a visual experience and turn that experience into a print that becomes something more than what was seen. This was truly revolutionary for me."

    "I'll likely never look at a photograph or my ground glass the same way again. Paula opened up a whole new world during that 30 minute session under the darkcloth. I couldn't be more excited!"

    "Just a note of thanks to you both for having me at your wonderful workshop. There are events that occur in one's life that you consider a milestone for growth for who you are or become. I can honestly say that your workshop is one of my milestone events. You have renewed my photographic vision. You have reaffirmed my love of photography."

    "I truly enjoyed your workshop. The experience expanded my perspective and I have not felt this level of excitement since I started in photography. The best workshop of the dozen that I have attended."

    "I must say that your seminar was the best investment I have made since I bought my first shares of GE a long time ago. Not a day goes by that I do not put to use some of the vast knowledge base I learned."
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    If you want to learn what the pinnacle of great black & white, large format photography can be then take this workshop. M&P are fantastic teachers and are willing to share everything they know. Took this workshop last year in New Orleans and it truly opened my eyes to how to see with a view camera. Their methods are simple but revelatory.