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    Jul 19, 2004
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    Saw this in the NYTimes Travel Section this weekend:3/27/05
    Ten museums and more than 70 galleries will host the third Triennale of PHotography April 14 to June 19, featuring 107 exhibitions of photgrapher's work from around the world. Museum entry fees range from $5.50 to 11.50 depending on museum. Visitors can also purchase a Metropol card($54) which includes public transport amd admission to exhibits for three days (on sale at museums) For more information, call (49-40) 428314-297 or
    They also mentioned that that mid-march, round trip weekend departures from Kennedy airport started at $484. Hope this is of interest to some of you.
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    Dec 5, 2004
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    Ah! We're so lucky - we can DRIVE to Hamburg in a few hours. Now we only have to find a place to stay for -let's say - three to four weeks to see everything.... Thanks for the tip, it looks like it could be an interesting programme with lots of work by artists/photographers other than "the usual suspects".

    Unfortunately, (darn, I just remembered) we'll be very busy from April until mid-July with our own little project, so we'll be lucky to steal away for just the weekend - if at all.