Tried Two-year Out-Dated E-6 Kit: Results not too bad

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    Oct 1, 2004
    It has been many years since I last did E-6, but I want to get into it again. So I ordered a Kodak 5l kit which should get here today. But in order to practice my method, I decided to run some old E200 through an old Agfa 0.5l kit. The kit instructions say that the shelf life of the unopened concentrates is 12 months. I'm sure I've had it for at least two and a half years, probably more, so I wasn't expecting much.

    First came the mixing. The first developer had precipitated out of solution and formed a solid mass on the bottom of the bottle, but I broke it free and it seemed to redissolve in the water just fine. All the other solutions seemed okay except Part B of the bleach-fix, which had formed a light yellow coating on the inside of the bottle. When I squeezed the bottle I could hear a crackling as crystals broke off, but I couldn't get most of the coating back into the concentrate.

    The stated capacity of the kit is four rolls, but I decided to just do two since I figured there would be less concern about exhaustion being an issue. I used a Jobo 1520 and spun it on its side in a tempering bath. Overall the film came out better than I was expecting. The edges of the film that were in the reel tracks are a bit off color, but this only extends a very small amount into the images. There is a bit of a blue cast in general, but it is only really noticeable in images that were overexposed or of light-colored subjects. Nothing that can't be fixed pretty easily in Photoshop. It's also possible that the blue cast may be from other process variations (rather than the chemistry) or even from the age of the film (I got a bunch of E200 off eBay with an expiration of 2/2002; it was frozen up until I used it but these particular rolls have been sitting out at room temperature for about two years now, since I didn't think they had any pictures worth developing).

    I scanned what I thought was the best image and posted it here:

    The blue in the sky is actually part of the image, not an artifact of the processing.

    I still have one Agfa kit left, and also a Tetenal 1l 3-bath of the same age. Based on the results so far, I may just use them anyway (although not on anything important).