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Tips on Scanning for Web-Display

Tips on Scanning for Web-Display

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    Tips on Scanning for Web-Display - Tips on Scanning for Web-Display

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    By Drew B. - 03:47 AM, 03-08-2005 Rating: None
    Ok, I do mostly 2 1/4 and 4x5 and keep the image that size after scanning. Usually from 50 meg to 350 meg files. How do I increase the size to, lets say 8x10 and keep the sharpness and all of the info? (sorry, I'm new to scanning but have good epson equipment.)

    By djklmnop - 09:31 AM, 03-23-2005 Rating: None
    Hi Drew. For 2-1/4 and 4x5, the only thing you can do is scan at the scanner's highest optical resolution and hope for the best, then work with what it gives you. Unfortunately, there is no overcoming an equipment hardware limitation. Besides, you should be in the darkroom making prints, and in turn, scanning them!
    I understand your frustration on getting the best optical scan. I was once limited to a 35mm film scanner, so I bit the bullet and purchased a Medium Format scanner.. Now that I am shooting 4x5, I am once again stuck without a scanner to accomodate the large negative. But hopefully this limitation will force me into the darkroom to make prints! Best of luck.