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    July 20 is next month! That is the deadline for participating in the "slice-out", photographing a common egg-slicer and having your photo displayed on the special web site built of this fun project: http://www.pervolquartz.com/slicer

    The idea for the photography project came from Gustavo Castilla, who made the initial post on APUG in March of 2006.


    Each participant will photograph his or her own egg slicer and submit the file to gustavo@gcastilla.com and cc to: volquartz@volquartz.com
    on or before July 20, 2006 in order to be shown on: http://www.pervolquartz.com/slicer
    File format and size: .jpg max size 1MB, min size 250KB

    Mark your email: SLICER PHOTO
    Please include type of camera, film, processing.
    Also include the URL of your website (if you have one)
    so we may link your image directly to your site.

    All files submitted will be uploaded and activated here Sunday August 4, 2006.
    This will be FUN!

    Major Award: Come and show your print (actual paper print, mounted and matted!!!) AND get your very own FREE slice of pizza at an APUG party in early August in Southern Calif.
    If you want more than pizza bring something else, like salad, dessert, beer, chips, etc. etc... (Location of party to be determined...)

    Per Volquartz