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The Jim Galli shutter for barrel lenses. Drum Roll Please:

  1. Drum roll please. The world has been waiting for me to invent this. Here it is and it's even easier and cheaper than Andre's and Denis's shutters.


    Simple! Affordable! It's all in the wrist action. I can get 1/125 second with my shutter. Used it today on the Eastman 11X14 with the Plastigmat lens.

    Now in case you want to fuss that my slit that passes in front of the lens is V shaped and doesn't distribute equal amounts of light over the film surface, I'll remind you that 90+ % of all the film that's been exposed in the last 100 years was done just that way. That's how movie camera shutters work.

    Detailed instructions:

    1) Firmly grip 2 5X7 film holder slides with about a 20 degree angle left open between them.

    2) Place the lower one over the lens. It's OK to touch the lens at this point. Pull the film darkslide.

    3) Move the "shutter" just in front of the lens so it doesn't touch.

    4) Pass the slit in front of the lens and stop when the upper holder is covering the lens. It's OK to touch the lens at this point too.

    5) Replace the dark slide.

    6) Exposure control is by how 'fast' you flick your wrist. I was after 1/4 second and moved fairly slowly. In fact I went down once and up once. 2 1/8th second exposures if you will.

    7) Need 1/250th? 1/500th? Simply close down the slit to 10 degrees or 5 degrees. I'm still working on the flash sync :D

    Taking orders for the Jim Galli shutter. Write your address on a $50 bill and mail it to me. I'll get your shutter mailed right back to you.
  2. Jim,

    Heck of a deal. How does the bulb actuate it? How many sheckles are you charging for this?

    What in the heck is that white stuff on the ground?
  3. The bulb is for sissies. It goes to a balky old packard. Charge? Why it's free as long as you write your address on the $50 bill. What white stuff?
  4. Jim, it looks like you're attached to the shutter. Is this your elaborate scheme to get us to fly you around the country?

    Cheers, James
  5. Hey, if you patent this, you can threaten to sue anyone who buys a 5x7" filmholder or darkslide on eBay and corner the market on 5x7" filmholders.
  6. It looks like you have abple rise and fall on that front lens, couldn't you simply mount your shutter blades just in front of the lens and just simply raise or lower your lense past the open slit. you could even have it spring activated :D :D :D
  7. A wise man once told me something to this effect:

    "Why are you going through all this trouble when Packards are so cheap? But you're having fun, so sally forth" :D

    Looks like my forth-sallying has infected you; my condolences.

    Pretty cool deal, though. I'll have to reverse engineer this and upgrade my own somehow :smile:

  8. Patent! Of course! Hmmm........ Wait til I tell my wife we'll be rich RICH RICH!
  9. I'm sending a $75 bill (you know, the one with president Goldwater on it). Please send the patented Galli-Shutter with flash sync.

  10. I reckon you could get $100 bills if you merely rename it to the 'Jim Galli Patented Petzval Shutter'... (or $150 bills from Matt with a President Spiro Agnew mug on them)

  11. Are the batteries included?

  12. This is a perfect companion to my patented Lazlens available in both coke bottle and jelly jar focal lenghts. Also $50

    Jim and I are working on a partnership so watch for the Galzalli system which will be in the stores before the holidays.

  13. Does it come with the Reis tripod?
  14. Everything but the photographer and the tripod is included, so you get 11X14 camera, 10X12 Plastigmat lens, and 1 film holder. Shipping is $950. Thank you.
  15. could you sync that baby with my spring powered motor drive back for the 14 x 17.....? the spring is located in the Mt Mcgruder area just south of you...45 gal per min.
  16. Jim, you've been hanging around cine cameras too long.
  17. Dave, with enough capitol, we can sync it to Shanghai China, and correct it to .ooo1 second via sattelite link. We can make 8 14X17's all fire at the same time. Simple.....like the inventor. Dan, you're right of course.
  18. No, seriously...what is the white stuff on the ground? It's hurting my eyes!

  19. Brad, The white stuff is what causes 13.2 million folks to live there in the beautiful Bay area and only about 1800 hardy souls to live here. It's called snow, and I actually trudged through quite a lot of it yesterday trying to find my sweetee a perfect Christmas tree which BTW cost me $5. Now I'm not the kind of person who would rub quality of life issues in, but.......:surprised:

  20. Oh yeah. Now I remember. Grew up in Minnesota. It's that cold, wet stuff that lets you leagally skip school twice a year and keeps all the bad people away. :smile: :smile:

    Hmmmm, how's the traffic?
    Are high School graduates able to do more than count daisies?
    Any jobs for statistical engineer / computer programmer types?
  21. she knows yer lyin, you'll just buy more camera gear.
  22. Fantastic. This could actually work.

    Now I can put to work my:
    Goerz Apochromat Artar 19in. (in brass barrel w/flange) - a cool hunk of old glass,
    Nikon 305 / 9.0 APO (in barrel with about 1000 aperture blades.)

  23. Great to see the man himself in action. I've been using the Galli shutter for quite some time. With practice it is possible to get some fairly accurate exposures.

    Thanks for sharing.
  24. I have a projection lens that I want to try out. It is a 240 f2.4 by my calculations. Now i just have to mount it.
  25. Great idea, Jim.
  26. Nice to see this old thread resurrected.

    I spent a happy hour looking at the pics on Jim's website. Lots of pics on big cameras from big vintage lenses :cool:

  27. We are still waiting for the flash synch' to be described, I seem to remember for as many years as you have been advertising this shutter

    Any luck with the pix of your cleaning ladies?

    (PS - I have just watched the JG shutter video, better than Matrix I, II and III together - Why does no one collect all that scrap metal and sell it to be made into new Toyota cars?)

  28. Shutter in one hand, pop the flash with the other hand. Flash sync requires lubrication of the photographer, not the shutter, with the proper fluids. I recommend Makers Mark or Jack Daniels, but be warned that flash sync may become erratic if too much lubrication is used.
  29. Good, I will drink to that!!