The Detroit Project with Inter-Mission at VCP

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    At the Vermont Center for Photography (not to be confused with VPC) this month;

    Composed of two distinct photographic projects, “The Detroit Project”, and “Inter-Mission”, The Vermont Center for Photography begins its 2008 exhibition season with the photography based artwork of its current interim President, Kiersten Hanna.

    “The Detroit Project” is a two and three-dimensional installation of photo-based imagery that begs the viewer to examine how simplistic answers to complex problems can lead to a downward spiral of worsening conditions that ultimately result in economic and civic devastation and racial violence. Using a 4x5 inch view camera and digital print-making techniques, Kiersten produced a selection of views that show Detroit’s traditional love affair with the automobile, combined with the current urban and industrial blight and degradation of that city.

    “Inter-Mission”, is a series of landscape and arcitectural studies of remnants of the once-ubiquitous fixtures of the American cultural pastime, the Drive-In Theatre. Kiersten criss-crossed the Midwestern states for two years photographing the drive-in sites, using a ‘toy’ plastic Holga camera. The images that resulted from this device show it’s inherent characteristic optical aberrations and flaws. These, in turn, enhance the sense of age and decay of the structures and scenes that she has chosen to photograph and print for this exhibition.

    The Vermont Center for Photography would like to thank The Hallmark Institute of Photography and Renaissance Press Digital Imaging for their generous support of this exhibit.

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