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    Current Status

    The APUG Photo Challenge has been discontinued owing to lack of interest / participation. If anyone would like to step forward and drive the Challenge on again then please make yourself known to the Moderation Team.

    Useful Links

    APUG Photo Challenge Gallery

    So What Is it?

    The APUG Photo Challenge is a quarterly happening where members go and make a photograph fitting a given theme and upload the result to the APUG Photo Challenge Gallery. The original idea came from APUG member (and B&WP UK editor) Ailsa who said (in part):

    "I was pondering the other day that I often produce my best work when given a brief or a project, whereas when an idea is self-imposed, I tend to just float around it and not really knuckle down. So I got to thinking, how about setting up an APUG photographic challenge thread?"

    "The themes can be as open or as specific as you like, within reason - obviously there wouldn't be much point in telling me to photograph a tree in Yosemite, unless the person setting the challenge was willing to pay my air fare and accommodation..."

    " could be a great opportunity to break out of our usual styles and try something completely different."

    How Does It Work?

    Make a photograph showing your interpretation of the current theme and post it in the APUG Photo Challenge Gallery. It's as simple as that!

    About a month before the current Challenge ends I start a thread in the Member Organised Functions forum asking for suggestions for the next Challenge. About a week later I start a poll in the same forum so that people can vote for the suggested theme that they like the best. The theme that gets the most votes wins and is set as the theme for the next Challenge.

    Discussions relating to the current month's Challenge are held in the Suggestions / Discussion thread (link at the top of this message). Summary information is posted by myself here and kept up to date as best I can manage.

    Frequently Asked Qustions

    Q. Sounds like fun. Who can play?
    A. Any APUG member can suggest and vote on themes. Submission of entries requires use of the APUG Galleries, which in turn requires subscriber access (owing to bandwidth constraints). Subscription starts at USD $1 per month and can be obtained here.

    Q. What is a permissible entry?
    A. Any photograph that is acceptable in the APUG Standard Gallery and shows your interpretation of the theme is fine. Both colour and black & white entries are welcome. You can even enter more than one, if you like!

    Q. I'm a little bit late. Can I post it anyway?
    A. Oh, go on then! :smile:

    Q. Who picks the winner?
    A. The Challenge isn't a competition. In this case, the only judge of your work that matters is yourself. If you're happy with your entry, then you're a winner! (Most people find that this tends to make the judging considerably harsher than otherwise! :smile: )

    Q. I can't post a reply to this message!
    A. Yes, we know. In order to make sure that this summary information is as clearly visible as possible, this thread is closed and cannot be replied to. However. there is a Suggestions / Discussion thread for each month's Challenge (link at the top of this message).

    Q. I've got another question / suggestion / idea / comment / thought / musing that isn't covered here. Where can I raise it?
    A. Feel free to post into the current month's Suggestions / Discussion thread (link at the top of this message) or to send me a Private Message.

    All the best,

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