Sweet Exakta VX1000 and Lenses!!

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    Jan 3, 2008
    Exakta VX1000 body. Film tested and fully working. Sold with case. Very good condition. Price: $85 plus insured shipping

    Flektogon 20mm F4 for Exakta by Carl Zeiss Jena. A stunning performer. Great glass condition, some wear on lens body. Sold with caps. Price: $150 plus insured shipping

    Pentacon 30mm F3.5 for Exakta. Another classic wide for Exakta from Germany. This is the later multicoated version of the popular Meyer Optik Lydith. No caps. Price: $60 plus shipping

    Meyer-Optik Gorlitz 35mm F4.5. In great shape. This lens is a great performer despite its simplicity. Beautifully made. No caps. Price: $50 plus shipping

    Pancolar 50mm F2 by Carl Zeiss Jena. The Pancolar is a prime lens comparable in performance to the Summicron, but much cheaper! No caps. Price: $60 plus insured shipping

    I take PayPal or checks. Customs forms are filled out correctly. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving! - D.