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    The last time I posted a job opportunity on APUG, the inimitable Suzanne Revy came to our rescue, shot lots of wonderful photographs for the school and became a friend. Maybe I'll have similar luck this time.

    We need a teacher of photography for the summer school. Details can be worked out with the powers that be but here are the basics: Its a beginners' program based in a large, well-equipped darkroom on a suburban campus just off Rt 2 in Belmont, MA. Though during the school year Belmont Hill is a jacket-and-tie boys' school, the summer school is casual, coed and has kids from the ages of 12 to 18. The program has run for a number of years now (I started the arts summer school over 15 years ago) and has been mostly silver based, though there are computer facilities for pushing that definition if the teacher wanted to do so. Classes begin June 27 and run until August 5 in two distinct terms. They meet all day but the art classes tend to be scheduled in stacks so that you could plan on working only a few hours each day. Pay is pretty good for the work and the people you'd work for are great. Numbers are flexible, but your class would be small enough to keep it fun. Another benefit, if you have children, is that the summer sports camps, the summer school and the arts programs would be open to them for a very reduced fee- on a leafy 27 acre campus in Belmont, Here is a link to the website.

    For a number of years we had one, wonderful teacher who kept coming back. Her health deteriorated last year and we had a teacher from the local public school work last summer in her place. Something has come up in his life this year and he has just notified us that he can't work this summer. If this gig works out for you, it could be a yearly thing - the school likes consistency.

    PM me and I'll put your name in the hat for my department chairman - who is also the head of the entire summer school (and my former student!)