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    Nov 2, 2007
    I acquired a goodly deal of photo gear, borrowed from Peter to pay Paul, to keep, and just to sell.
    Now I have a bit of a dilemma: I acquired a Sigma 120-300/2.8 for three hundred dollars less than I have ever seen and five hunded less than average used prices.
    I have a Canon 1n RS that I bought just to sell along with a Sigma 80-200/2.8 lens for it. Now I also have the 120-300 but I got both lenses for a far better than average price.

    I had intended to consolidate all gear down to just Nikon and Leica, but I did not find a Sigma zoom in Nikon mount anywhere near the price I got the Canon lens for.
    Should I just keep the Canon gear, or should I sell it and try to get one in Nikon mount.
    This way if I use the Sigma zooms I have to carry an extra body.

    One month from now we have a Photo swap meet here in Minn. and I will be unloading a snag of F2 Nikons and a few odd balls. I unloaded a smaller bunch of top line gear last year, partly to pay for the Leica SLR items I now have, but as much as I would like to not have another odd-ball, financially I think if I sell it, I will be out dollars trying to get the Nikon equivalent. (I will be selling my R6.2 because it was jammed when I got it and it jammed after one roll of film, BUT now I feel like an idiot, the gent who fixed it says, it appears, and he was not sure, that the only thing wrong the second time, [he fixed it the first] was a kink in the film jammed the sprocket, so now I am selling it to pay for an R9 I bought to replace it.)

    To the gent who unloaded the Nikon F6, was it financially break even ?

    This sounds like I have a lot of money but the reality is, money was borrowed and has to be paid back.