Silver Conference March 30 to Apr 1, 2007

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    While I am sitting here in China waiting for the sun to come up, I was thinking about the Silver Conference and realized, "Hey! It's coming up!". I have recieved a tentative schedule here for the conference. Time is getting short for registration and I wanted to post something here for people to see what is happening. (I am not associated with the conference, I just think it is very well done from last year and really something we all should support)

    I went last year and really enjoyed myself. I met many of the best in the business there and would recommend this to all.

    There is more information on Calumet's site: Do a search for Silver Conference. This link may work...

    There is quite a print competition as well.
    Friday 3-30-07

    Registration at ACD from 3-6
    Silver one on One from 12 noon -6
    Rudman Darkroom demo 12-4

    5-5:30 Welcome Intro Richard, Dennis, Ilford
    5:30-6:30 Ken Rosenthal -getting your work into galleries

    6:30-8pm Panel The black and White print in Galleries Today

    Craig Krull
    Frish-Frankel Gallery SF
    Michael Dawson
    Kristine McKenna
    David Fahey

    8:00-11:00 Open print sharing at hotel in ball room

    Saturday 3-31-07
    9:00 Intro to day and housekeeping issues
    9:15 10:30 speaker: Swanee
    10:30-10:45 break
    10:45-12:30 Panel Publishing

    Jeff Dunas
    Ken Rosenthal
    Mark Edward Harris
    Keith Carter
    Michelle Dunn Marsh-Moderator

    12:30-2:00 Lunch- Art Center Cafeteria

    2:00-3:30 New presentation- Sally Gall
    3:30-4:30 Silver One on One-

    Tim Rudman Darkroom Demo

    4:30-6:00 Evening featured speaker John Sexton
    6:30-11:00 Reviews and open portfolio sharing at hotel ball room

    Sunday 4-1-07
    9:00-9:15 Intro and housekeeping
    9:15-10:30 Technical Panel
    Rod Parsons
    Mike Bain
    Richard Newman
    John Sexton
    10:30 Awards
    10:45-12:00 Speaker Keith Carter
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    Elevator is exited about this conference as well, We will be attending and displaying our work in the Hiltons Ballroom , as well we will be sending prints into the competition my own work as well. Please do not let anyone inform Alex Hawley of this competition. I am hoping to take 1st , 2nd and all the honarable mentions this year. He has had his moment in the sun and not be allowed to enter prints.
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    HAH! Sorry Bob, I already learned about the competition and plan to enter. So the gauntlet has been thrown down! Sir, I accept the challenge, and may the best eye win! :D

    And if a draw should occur, I propose that satisfaction be gained using 8x10s in Dodge City. The choice of film is yours. :tongue: