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    I am happy to announce that my "Sight & Insight: A Workshop on Seeing in Photography" will be presented in an expanded form at The Saint Marys Art Center, Virginia City, NV, from October 3-7, 2007. Contact Linda at 775.847.7774 for more information. The workshop fee includes 6 nights lodging in a private room.

    "Sight & Insight" will also be presented at the Creativity Center, 9338 Sportsmans Club Dr., Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 from May 15-18, 2008. Please call 1-800-884-2168 for more information.

    Additional information is also available on my web site, or by contacting me at

    "The most important aspect of photography is seeing. While equipment and techniques have their place, it is the quality and depth of one's seeing that determines whether a picture is successful or not. Light reflected from surfaces is recorded by the camera, but it is the job of the photographer's eyes to see through those surfaces to the meaning within.
    In this exciting workshop we will examine seeing from a number of perspectives. Some of the factors we will explore include: cultural conditioning, personal history, visual symbolism and the differences between the visual scene and the photograph. Because all parts of the body and psyche are interconnected, we will examine the important roles played by energy level, posture, movement and breath. Simple exercises to rest and refresh the eyes will also be presented.
    In addition, we will examine the crucial contributions of peripheral vision and the intuitive organ of insight, the third eye. The goal will be to have our pictures reflect an ever deeper, richer, more meaningful experience of life.This workshop is open to anyone with a camera, regardless of age, format, or whether film or digital."