Selling Hasselblad stuff + kiev/contax+tamron+4x5 holders+tokina.

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    Apr 1, 2006
    Hey everybody I'm having a sort of clearence sale here. All the items are currently residing in Denmark. I will ship worldwide. All prices are without shipping so ask for quotes to your part of the world. I take paypal. I will, of course, donate 3% of the sales to apug. Click the links for pictures.
    I've sold plenty of things on ebay and have 100% feedback with 184 transactions. my ebay username is: mads_hartmann

    I was trying to build a hasselblad kit but realised I coudln't afford it.
    So here I'm selling:

    A hasselbad a12 back. Works perfectly. No light leaks. Has a dent on the top left corner. Doesn't affect anything. I paid 95 pounds for this on ebay recently.
    I would like to get 80 pounds for it (well it's christmas I don't mind taking a small loss).

    2 zeiss proxar filters (0.5 and 1.0) and one yellow filter. b50/b57 size (fits planar 80mm c and others). All in exelent condition 15 pounds each for the proxars and 10 pounds for the yellow filter.

    2 brand new chinese made hasselblad dark slide holders. Never used.
    Would like 10 pounds for each.

    Hasselblad polaroid holder. Works perfectly. still has 5 fuji black films left in it (film is fresh I loaded it myself). would like to get 40 pounds for it.

    A hasselblad 80mm C planar lens. the shutter doesn't work. I send it to Jürgen Kuschnik in germany for an estimate and he could repair it for 175 euros (that would include a complete cla so the lens would be as good as new). The glass is perfect.
    I'm selling it for just 30 pounds. So you could end up with a perfect working lens for reasonable money. By the way I'm sure there others who are cheaper than Jürgen who could do a good job as well. It's just that I trust Jürgen 300% with repair jobs. He's the most qualifed camera repairer I know in my part of the world.

    Next I'm selling assorted gear that I just don't use anymore:

    A Contax/kiev mount Jupiter 3. The lens is in superb condition. Glass is perfect. Comes with front and rear caps + bakelite case. The lens is from 1963. I would like to get what I paid for it. 60 pounds.

    Six perfectly working light tight 4x5 film holders. 3x lisco regal II and 3x fidelity elite. I would like 40 pounds for the lot.

    Tamron sp2 adaptall macro focussing 500mm f8 mirror lens. In superb condition. Smooth focus comes with yellow filter and uv filter + box + original lens hood and front cap but no rear cap. Glass is nice, it has some residue on the edges of the lens from a lens cleaning fluid. Could be cleaned of easily but I don't have the right tools at the moment. Could be used as is since it doesn't affect anything (that's what I did). Just add the apropriate adaptall 2 adaptor to fit your brand of camera and your good to go. This lens focus down to 1.7 meters which is very very close for a 500mm lens. Would like to get 60 pounds for it.

    Next is a Chinon ce4s pentax K mount camera. It works great except the light overexposes with one stop. Cosmetically it's nice as well except the leather has comes loose in two places. Don't have the correct glue to put it back. asking just 6 pounds for it.

    Next is a tokina 25-50mm pentax k-mount zoom lens. It works great has smooth focus and good glass (has slight residue after lens cleaning fluid around the edges could be removed easily but I don't have the right tools, anyway it doesn't affect performence). It takes great pictures. In the photo of it has a bit of dust on the front element, but that's just because it hasn't been used in a while, can be blown right off of course. no front or rear caps for this one.
    Would like to get 30 pounds for it.