Schneider 90/4.5 APO Componon HM or 105/4 APO Rodagon N enlarging lens

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    I have a few questions about these lenses compared to regular El Nikkor lenses in regards to B&W printing.

    I am getting a new to me used enlarger (4x5) and am printing from mostly 6x6, 6x7 and 6x9 negatives. (rarely 35mm)

    What would be the advantage in the above APO lenses compared to lenses I have now (50, 80 and 105 El Nikkor enlarging lenses)?

    Can you use the Schneider 90mm lenses for 6x9?

    Is the performance similar between the APO Schneider 90 and the APO Rodagon 105. I've been told the APO Schneider 90 is a better performer but can it still be used for 6x9 negatives effectively? I would be purchasing either new if needed.
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    The 90mm HM lens will have better corner resolution at 12x magnification compared to the Nikkors. The published specs for the lens are based on a 88mm image circle. So for lower magnification it would likely be fine for 6x9, but then whats the point of an $800 'high magnification' lens if you can't use it for high magnification :smile:
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