Santa Fe Wet Collodion Workshop July 25 - 31, 2010

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    Take a trip back in time to the ethereal world of wet-plate collodion. Thanks to the unique beauty of the images it produces, this 19th-century technique is experiencing a passionate resurgence. Jill and France provide photographers and artists the opportunity to explore one of the very first photographic processes, with two experienced artist-educators as your guides.
    Making primary images from scratch, wet-plate collodion offers nearly limitless possibilities, from one-of-a-kind positives on metal, glass and numerous other supports, to making negatives for any type of print imaginable. Our week begins with studying and discussing examples of 19th-century and contemporary ambrotypes, tintypes, and negatives, and the types of prints participants create during this workshop.
    Jill and France demonstrate how to use enlargers to make positives and photograms, and we learn how to make and use a portable darkroom in any situation—from an empty box to a car trunk. We then head off into the field with a variety of 19th-century and contemporary cameras, to make images in the beautiful surroundings of Santa Fe. Jill guides participants step-by-step through the process to make wet-plate positives such as ambrotypes and tintypes, while France focuses on the making of wet-plate negatives we then scan for digital printing.
    In addition to creating your own unique plates during the week, you also gain a thorough knowledge of the collodion process and a clear understanding of how to incorporate this time-honored process in your own photography and art.

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