Santa Cruz darkroom sale

Discussion in 'California' started by Mateo, May 2, 2008.

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    I hope this is ok to post here. I'm not selling anything I'm just wanting to give a heads up to anyone in this area that a lady in Santa Cruz is selling off her late husband's darkroom and photo gear on Sat, May 3. Her address is 1000 Fair Ave.

    I went to a garage sale she had a few weeks ago and bought print washer and some film holders. She also had a drymount press, densitometer, a couple of omega color enlargers, allot of drums for color processing, a couple of 4x5 cameras (graphic but not speed), safelights, paper safes and really anything darkroom. I'm hoping anyone in need of things darkroom in this area will stop by so that cool stuff doesn't end up in the landfill.

    Anyone with questions can send me a PM, but remember I don't have anything to do with this other than wanting to help the lady because she gave me some really good deals.