Salt and fun

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    Jan 19, 2008
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    Hi All,
    I have been re painting the bathroom. So I'm told. These little brown dots.. I have a dalmatian and maybe there coming off. No. I've been playing with salted paper. I have been suprised at how easy it really is. My first to results were fairly plain. However, the insight into the coating methods has been great. I have had to use a good water colour paper for my base. This paper has stood up very well and is 100% cotton rag. I sized the paper and have used gum arabic in the silver solution. I made a puddle pusher and went and made some mess, ( as Homer would say. after leaving the mess.) I'm off to Moes.
    Any way I have had to calculate my amounts for the eye dropper. This first led to uneven coating. I found about 40 drops will do a 8 x 10.
    All I could say now is give it a go.