Revolog 600 nm film results

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    Granted, I spent way the heck too much on a roll of color film for only 12 shots. That was the result and I had to yell at the clerk to give my the negatives because HE said they were overexposed and I had ruined the color. I kept yelling until he handed over the negatives. I caused a small scene. :whistling: Thankfully, no one was there to really witness it.

    So, after talking to another photographer friend of mine, he suggested just getting a roll of Fuji 200 and using a blue filter. That's certainly a cheaper way to get the same effect.

    My question is : What would be the lighting conditions needed to shoot with a blue filter to get the twilight/dusk look? Then again, if they just turn out blue, I wouldn't mind too much, but knowing the difference between the two conditions would be plus! :laugh: