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Discussion in 'Exposure Discussion' started by Ben Taylor, Jun 23, 2003.

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    Jun 12, 2003
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    Please forgive me is this is a stupid question!

    A few days ago, while sitting by the river during a tea break, I noticed something interesting that got me thinking. It had become quite an overcast day, with very little definition in the clouds, but some sunlight shining through.

    I noticed however that the reflection of the sky on the river showed quite considerably more detail and interest in the clouds. I was wondering why this should be and how I might recreate the effect on film.

    I'm guessing it is has something to do with the polarizing effect the water has on the reflected light, in which case would a polarizing filter have a smiler effect? Or maybe the water only reflects some of the light, and absorbs the rest, acting like a coloured filter?

    Then again, I was nearing the end of a 12 hour shift, so I could have been seeing things!

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    Ben, I've noticed the same.
    The answer seems to be yes, yes, maybe and yes:wink:

    Yes, it has something to do with polarization.
    Yes, a pola filter could have something of a similar effect.
    Water is not a perfect reflector, and it may be colour-dependent?
    Yes, you could have been seeing things!

    Like rainbows, this it one of the things you have to pass up on if you insist on wearing sunglasses at all times...