Rajah 4x5 Field Camera w/NOS Bellows

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    Rajah 4x5 Field Camera
    with New / Old Stock bellows
    $600 or best reasonable offer

    This is a late-'80s or early '90s vintage Rajah field camera, an approximate copy of the Deardorff but made of teak in India.

    It works out pretty well. It's not as nice to use as the Deardorff but gets the job done. It has all the normal movements: Front rise, fall, swing and tilt; and Rear swing and tilt.

    Minimum bellows extension is around 3-1/2 inches with the 4x5 back, although it would probably be a good half inch or so less with a 5x7 back because of the offset of the 4x5 back. Maximum bellows extension is about 19 inches with its current bellows, although the frame could probably handle about 22-23 inches extension.

    All the knobs are present. Has a non-original strap which, if I have the time before it sells, I'll replace, although it'll serve as-is.

    Some time ago I shimmed the ground glass in the back so that it's within specs. I used little pieces of white card stock -- don't take them out or you'll wonder where your focus went.

    A hilarious fact about the bellows: Last year I came down with a serious case of GAS for a while. I had already had this camera for a few years, and had made a new bellows for it, but I wasn't pleased with the way it turned out. It was ugly. (In the interest of full disclosure, that bellows was an early effort at bellows-making, and was butt ugly.)

    On eBay I saw a Prinzdorff up for sale, new-old stock, in its original box. It was being sold by the son of a former camera store proprietor, who had kept it up on display for some time.

    Wow, a mint-condition Prinzdorff! I'd seen a really nice one of these back in the early 1980s and been very impressed with its quality. So I bought the one off eBay.

    As it turns out, it was a very poor example. I stopped wondering why it had never sold from that camera store. The front standard metal work was spot-welded together all wrong so that it's impossible to "zero out" the front standard, and other than that the workmanship was very poor -- except for the bellows, which is a well-made leatherette.

    So I took the bellows off that camera and put it onto this one. Fits like a glove, and shows no signs of deterioration after years in storage.

    So, here we have a Rajah with a Prinzdorff bellows, in sum total a decent-working imitation of a Deardorff.

    Just so you know: This is not anywhere near Deardorff quality. But the controls zero out, everything locks down and loosens up as it should, and it's a good, serviceable camera. If you know your way around a view or field camera, you can make this work well for you.

    The camera weighs about 7 lbs 12 oz, so figure on 9 lbs shipping weight from 90027.

    I ship after PayPal clears to my bank account; this takes a few days.