Pyrocat HD negs, RH Analyser Pro, Ilford 500H

Discussion in 'Enlarging' started by Ross Chambers, Oct 25, 2007.

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    After making some encouraging salt prints from Pyrocat HD processed negs I decided that a rainy day or two could be employed to try conventional printing of silver gelatine prints.


    320 PX 4x5 exposed ISO 200

    Processed in Pyrocat HD 1+1+100 for 13 minutes at 20 degrees C.

    Using the RH Designs Analyser Pro and Ilford 500 H head and Ilford MGIV RC, and following my usual method with the sensor to find and adjust shadow and highlight information, which usually gets me to an OK, if not always perfect print in three, I found that the best results with Pyrocat HD negs were off the clock, the highlight and shadow LEDs on the grey scale flashing simultaneously, something I've never managed to achieve before.

    The acceptable results, ignoring the alarming LEDs, were at Grade 3 or close to Grade 4 which is rather different from my usual lower grades with this still life subject which I've set up as an exercise before.

    It was certainly an illustration of the notable difference in Pyrocat HD negs.

    Does anyone have any experience with a similar set of circumstances?

    BTW, for those unfamilar with the Ilford 500H head: it has green and blue filters, these light up in turn for the durations determined by the Analyser Pro.

    Regards - Ross