Project Basho Newsletter, July '08: Japan Summer 2008

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    Project Basho Newsletter: June/July ’08

    Friends Of Project Basho Opens July 10th

    We are pleased to announce our upcoming photography show titled "Friends of Project Basho." The opening reception will be held on Thursday, July 10th from 6pm to 9pm at the gallery. The show will run through August 14th.

    This is the second annual group show which will feature the works of photographers who are involved at Project Basho from darkroom users to students and volunteers. The exhibition will show a diversity of work, medium, style, and expression.

    Participating photographers include (alphabetical order):
    Amy Batzell, Richard Boutwell, Anne Brye, Bob Cocozza, Kevin Convery, Anthony Dean, Olga Dekalo, Suzanne Delaney, Al B. For, Jacob Hellman, Megan Hobbes, Jeff Hofer, Jessica Hoffman, Terry Hull, Tsuyoshi Ito, Kara LaFleur, Dan Lobdell, Chris Macan, Ron Boss, Jim Stogdill, Sarah Schriver, Sarah Swanson, Naoko Wada, Mariel Waloff.

    DJ Einstein will be spinning at the opening this Thursday. We hope you'll come to appreciate the photographs and stay awhile for some great beer and music.

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    Japan Trip is Official and Blog on Japan Trip Starting

    We are excited to let you know that our destination trip to Japan is officially happening. We have extended the deadline for the trip until the end of this month for those who want to join at the last minute. There are a few more seats left for this wonderful 13 day trip to the countryside of Japan.

    Guided by Tsuyoshi Ito, a Japanese native and the founder of Project Basho, this trip will explore Japanese landscape and culture including many elements of cultural exchange with the local community. These features will make this trip a truly unique experience.

    We have also started a blog titled, "Letters from Japan" to feature this trip and many photography related topics from Japan. We will update this blog leading up to and throughout our travels. Even though you may not be able to join us this time, you will be able to get a sense of the experience through our blog. Please stay tuned.

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    Southwest Trip Details Announced

    We have another exciting trip lined up for the fall to the 4 Corners in the Southwest. This one week trip in Arizona and New Mexico is a shooting trip for those interested in the history of the area, the cultural resources and architecture, and the beauty and vastness of the southwestern landscapes. More details for this destination trip are available online.

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    Project Basho on

    Recently, Project Basho was featured on, a new broadband TV station. In the video clip, Tsuyoshi introduces the space and the concept of the Project Basho.

    You can also see Jessica Conda from creating contact sheets for an upcoming show at Project Basho Gallery. This exhibition will feature images from the 1950's and early 60's taken in both Philadelphia and Tokyo.

    There will be another TV feature about Project Basho by WHYY happening this fall. This one will include more extensive interviews with Tsuyoshi and the students and volunteers. We will let you know when it when it airs.

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    Upcoming Events

    Friends of Project Basho
    July 10th - August 14th
    Opening Reception: Thursday 10th 6-9 pm

    NY Gallery Trip (for students & friends)
    July 12th
    We will begin at ICP and visit other galleries throughout the city

    Night for Emerging Photographers (NEP)
    July 31st, 7 pm
    Featuring Phill Jackson and Chris Parquet

    Movie Night
    August 13th, 7 pm
    title to be determined

    Upcoming Classes & Workshops

    Introduction to Color Printing (Day Class: July 9 - 30, Evening Class: July 17 - Aug 14) - This four-week class is for those who want to make color prints from your own negatives. This class will help you to become familiar with color theory and color correction, thus gaining a basic understand of color printing.

    Introduction to Black and White Darkroom(Evening class: July 11 - Aug 1) - You have a pile of B&W negatives that you have made and wonder what it would be like to make B&W photographs with your own hands instead of sending them to a photo store. If you have had this thought before, then this course is for you.

    Portfolio Case Making (July 12) - In this workshop you will learn how to make a 11x14x1 lipped clamshell portfolio box. These portfolios are made to archival standards, are one of a kind, and ideal for that special presentation of your work.

    Introduction to Palladium Printing (Two Weekends: July 19,20,26 &27) - This is a four-day introductory workshop where students will learn the basics of Palladium printing. Palladium printing is also referred to as Platinum or Platinum/Palladium printing sometimes. This is a hand-coating process which requires patience and a consideration for details. Though it is time consuming, the basics of the process are rather simple, and the rewards for pulling a good print out of a tray are tremendous.

    Project Basho
    – Re-introducing Photography to Philadelphia –
    1305 Germantown Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA 19122