Project Basho Newsletter December '10 - Year of the Tiger: All's Well That Ends Well

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    Mar 23, 2009
    Spring Workshops & Registration Prizes

    2010 has been a great year of growth for Project Basho with over 300 students passing through our doors since January. If we reach our goal of 365 students by the end of year, the 365th student to register for a class or workshop will receive their choice of a free class/workshop for them and a friend! Prizes will also be given to the 364th and 366th students. As of December 21st we have 354 students, so we are very close! For all the details, visit our One Student A Day page.

    We are pleased to welcome several new instructors this year including acclaimed photographers Linda Connor and David Hilliard. Connor, whose distinguished projects have depicted the relationship between culturally sacred sites and their natural surroundings, will be teaching Direction and Inspiration. This workshop will help participants contextualize their creative approach and find new trajectories for their photographic projects.

    David Hilliard's workshop, The Portrait & The Environment will be a critical examination of the concept of the portrait, how it is made, and how it functions. Participants will examine how setting shapes the perception of the subject and vice versa, as well as the critical relationship between photographer and subject.

    We are also offering two great workshops on photographic lighting: Arlene Collin's Mastering Flash Photography, and Hugh Hales-Took's intensive workshop on Studio Lighting which will teach you how to shape and modify light and will present these techniques as flexible tools for controlling the tone and feel of your images.

    Going Farther With Project Basho

    Project Basho is offering two unique destination trips next year to Ireland and Japan and the details are about to be published on our website. These photography trips present an illuminating context in which to explore a new culture and environment.

    In May, we will head to Ireland's beautiful southeast. Participants will begin by touring Dublin before making their way to Cow House Studios, a progressive artspace situated on a 200-acre family-run farm. From this base, participants will take shooting trips to interesting historical sites and bustling towns like Kilkenny and Lismore. These trips will be supplemented by studio sessions, workshops, and group critiques at Cow House Studios.

    In September, we will set off on our second destination trip to Japan. Participants will fly into Tokyo before exploring the smaller cities of Kanazawa, Wajima, and Suzu. Travelers will experience the balance of traditional Japanese living in a quickly modernizing country and will have inspiring shooting opportunities through visits to temples and shrines, the coast of the Sea of Japan, and a local harvest festival.

    For more information on our destination trips, including reservations, please visit our website.

    ONWARD '11 Selections Announced

    Larry Fink's selections for ONWARD, our annual photography competition for emerging photographers, were announced on Friday. If you have not already seen our announcement video, take a look and see if you can spot the notable Philly photo cameos.

    ONWARD '11 was more competitive than ever before with 614 artists submitting 2,240 images. International submissions were especially great this year with 22 countries represented. From this pool, Larry Fink curated a final show of 70 images by 63 individual artists.

    We are looking forward to an excellent exhibition and invite you to join us to see for yourself at our opening reception on Saturday, February 12th from 2 – 5 pm.

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