Project Basho Newsletter April '10: Reinvest in Yourself

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    Mar 23, 2009
    Summer Schedule Announced

    Summer is quickly approaching and along with it comes a new schedule of exciting classes and workshops. As always, we provide a wide range of offerings to reflect the broad interests of our community. Whether you are looking to refine your digital workflow, get your hands dirty learning alternative processes, or consider new aesthetic approaches to your artwork, we have a class or workshop to help you reach your goals.

    As the weather warms up, we will be offering a variety of shooting-intensive courses. For students working digitally, we are excited to offer Digital SLR in Practice, a class designed to integrate key concepts like shutter speed, aperture, depth of field, and focal length in various shooting situations. For photographers interested in lighting techniques, Hugh Hales-Tooke will be returning to teach Location Lighting. We will also take on the city in Amadou Diallo's workshop on Digital Workflow and the wild in Michael Hogan's Exploring the Pine Barrens.

    For photographers interested in structured feedback and developing personal style we are offering several critique and editing workshops, including Form and Content and Vincent Cianni's The Narrative in Photography.

    We are also pleased to invite Diana H. Bloomfield back to our studio to teach Beyond Literal. In this workshop, participants will examine the way technical decisions like lighting, composition, and printing methods create an individual and unique visual vocabulary. Through discussion and critique, Diana will help artists develop a sense of personal style and embrace photography as a personal expression of inner imagination rather than documentation of an external world.

    Additionally, we continue to bring working artists to teach process-oriented workshops. This summer we are pleased to offer workshops in Gum Bichromate, Palladium Printing from Digital Cameras, Silver Printing on Metal, Mixed Media, as well as Creating a Photographer's Artist Book, in which participants will make Cyanotypes and Van Dyke Brown prints from digital negatives.

    To view a complete listing of our offerings visit our classes and workshops page or download the Summer '10 brochure.

    Personalized Education Opportunities

    If you are interested in learning something that you do not see offered in our classes and workshops or prefer to learn in a one-on-one setting, Project Basho is happy to offer customized workshops and private lessons. Simply let us know what your interests, skill level, and goals are and we will work with you to create a learning experience custom-suited to your needs.

    Private lessons and customized workshops are available for all skill levels, from absolute beginners seeking an introduction to shooting with a Digital SLR camera to professional fine art photographers seeking technical advice on printing. These educational options are perfect for people seeking flexibility and specialization. Contact us directly for more information or fill out our registration form online.

    44"-wide Inkjet Printer Available

    In our continual efforts to upgrade our professional-quality digital printing facility, we now offer a large format Epson 9880 printer. This 44"-wide printer is equipped with custom profiles for color printing and four different tone profiles for printing B&W via QuadTone RIP. QuadTone RIP will provide neutral B&W prints without any color casts and gives photographers the ability to mix different tones such as neutral, cold, warm and sepia.

    In addition to Ilford luster paper, we will soon introduce white film by Pictorico. This film has a very high gloss and a wider color gamut, simply unattainable with other kinds of paper.

    Utilizing QuadTone RIP and transparency film from Pictorico, we are also creating profiles for digital negatives catered to silver printing and platinum/palladium printing. Soon you will be able to come to our studio and print out large digital negatives for these processes on the fly.

    "The View of the Heavens From the Attic" at the Gershman Y

    Project Basho founder and Program Director, Tsuyoshi Ito, has curated a photography exhibition of large-scale gelatin silver photographs by Japanese photographer Masaaki Kobayashi. The series, titled "The View of the Heavens From the Attic" features 40"x40" images which Kobayashi made by installing a lens into the roof of his home and turning his attic into a camera obscura aimed at the sky. The show opens at the Gershman Y in Center City this Sunday, April 25 with a reception on Thursday, April 29 from 6-8pm.

    View Kobayashi's unique setup and images on flickr.

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