Prescysol EF anyone?

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    Sep 4, 2003
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    Just noticed a new version out which mixes 1:1:100 rather than the old at 1:5:100. Again, sounds similar to Pyrocat HD to me! Anyone compared the prescysols to pyrocat yet? I havent gotten round to it as I am still learning volumes about pyrocat and don't want to confuse matters more (or be tempted to spend £14 plus P&P per bottle). Pyrocat sontinues to make me smile it is so good and cheap!

    Are there any mods for pyrocat to increase film speed? I am settling down to an ei of 64/80 with FP4 plus. Certainly dont seem to be able to get 125 from it. I have had about 260 from HP5 plus (with my spot metering). I realise that such methods do not produce anything like absolute speed assessments, but I can say that doing things as I did for Dixactol/Ecatol, pyrocat produces lower speed. Great stuff and my solution is now over 6 months old and works the same as when I mixed it (stored in sealed brown glass bottles).