Platinum Printing Workshop in Maine, July 11-17

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    Mar 26, 2010
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    Platinum Printing Workshop
    July 11 - July 17
    with Arkady Lvov and Gabe Greenberg
    at Maine Media Workshops, Rockport, ME


    The art and technique of creating platinum and palladium prints.

    Platinum printing is one of the most beautiful photographic processes in use today. It offers a unique tonal range and a wide selection of papers to which handmade emulsion can be applied, and it is superior to all other printing methods for archival purposes. It is also one of the easiest processes to learn.

    Arkady presents a comprehensive introduction to the methods, materials and visual controls of platinum printing. The class covers emulsions for handcrafting, exposure options and developing techniques, and explores the use of various papers. Students have hands-on experience mixing platinum emulsions, coating the paper, exposing and developing the image.

    Since platinum is a contact process students must bring original negatives or digital files and learn techniques for producing enlarged negatives. This year we invite reknown digital printer and negative enlarging expert Gabe Greenberg to give a master class on these techniques as a part of the Platinum Printing course.

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