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    I have been contacted by several people indicating an interest in attending a photo workshop in Italy. I have taken the matter under advisement and while I haven't made a decision on this yet, I thought that perhaps I would see if there is sufficient interest for one.

    My thoughts are that this would be limited to a small number of participants for a period of five to seven days. While the architecture here cries out for large format, there is no reason not to use other film cameras or even digital if you so desire. I have located a local lab here that does very nice work (both traditional and digital) for those who would be interested...their prices are quite reasonable.

    Borrowing from the direction of Kim Weston and Randy Efros (both former Brett Weston assistants) I thought that if we were to do something like this that it might be nice to have a group showing of the images produced during the workshop and that it might also be of interest to produce a book from this work. Kim and Randy used Lulu Books as the publisher of their latest workshop in Ireland. They had a showing of their students work at a gallery in Phoenix...however this is only one alternative of many.

    The costs of travel, lodging etc would make this a moderately expensive workshop...however it would be an opportunity for many to photograph in some wonderful locations. It would additionally be a means for your work to be shown and even published. I don't have any idea of costs at this point but am only posting this as an indication of interest. If you think that you might be interested, please pm or email me since this will be available on a first come first served basis.

    For reference, you may wish to view my recent gallery postings to gain an idea of the subject matter available.

    Thanks for your thoughts and interest in this.
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    It all sounds very exciting and I will be following the thread to see what develops and a projection of costs and possible dates and locations.

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    Oct 17, 2005
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    Even it you don't take a single photograph, any time spent in Italy is time well spent.