OM2n grip modification

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    Jan 2, 2015
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    I fitted a flip-bac grip G3 onto my OM2n and it has improved it's handling enormously.
    OM3 & 4 has the screw in grip (rare and very expensive!!) so I could either find one of those and fit a threded bush into the OM2n body (not easy, probably impossible) or sort it out myself. I seldom use a neck strap but always use a wrist strap and bag, so a grip to hold the camera, and to pull it out of the bag, is really useful.

    I cut out the shape of the grip from the removed leatherette, put the leatherette back on, then stuck the grip into the gap. Self Timer lever had to be slightly filed back on the underneath at the end to clear the thicker part of the grip. Voila!

    Recommended as an easy mod. Just be careful with cutting out the gap in the leatherette. Self Timer leaver and surround plate is best removed, put the s/t lever all the way down before starting as it's a lot easier to put it back together afterwards when it is fully on.
    Have fun!! P1180564.JPG P1180567.JPG