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    Jul 28, 2009
    Hi guys I am totally out of my league here, and I do not know anything about cameras and film makers. I work on all other office equipment, copiers, duplicaors, folding and coalllating equipment. But I have a customer who is a large printing plant. They have a Nuarc model V V E 1418. This is what they say

    "the problem is that I'm not getting
    even consistent exposure. I'm using an intregrator but some days the
    unit over exposes so I lower the time on both main flash and back
    light then it reverts back and I under expose. It is not the film
    because this has gone on for about a month now. Also according to my
    operator some times 4 bulbs on the back light fire other times 2
    bulbs. I haven't seen this happen. Sounds like a board issue to me."

    Now Like said before I do not have a clue what to do with this and I really do not want to. I am looking for someone in Indiana who would like to service this machine. They are in Peru Indiana. If anyone knows of anyone who would like to service this. Please contact me.

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    I would suggest contacting nuArc. They don't make cameras any more (nobody does) but they should know who is still available to service them.

    FWIW, integrator problems on this camera are sometimes due to loose / crudded connections - open up the back and wiggle the small circuit board(s) that plug into the large board(s) and also the wires from the integrator sensor. Ditto the wires from the bulbs to the relays.