Nikkor SW 90mm F8 - MINT

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    This is a Mint 90mm Nikkor SW. No scratches on glass or body, no dings etc. Functioning perfectly with late model snappy copal that appears accurate (and has been exercised when not used to be sure). All in all, everything is in fantastic condition. I have used this lens on a Fotoman 612 and it is stunningly sharp. It is in fact my second 90 SW as the first is part of my 5x7 kit and I wanted identically wonderful results on the Fotoman. The Fotoman went a while back and I had not gotten around to selling this as I dont need two!

    If you are not familiar with these lenses they have larger image circles than the other 90mm F8s with a 235 circle if my memory is correct. They are also blindingly sharp at wider apertures and if your scene permits movements or has limited depth of field, shooting at F11 will produce astounding resolution. Check out this link:

    IMHO this lens is the obvious choice. It is also lighter than some of the competition. Std 67mm filter thread.

    Includes caps and I may even have a box somewhere.

    P&P at cost.

    I have 100% positive feedback on ebay as tomishakishi.

    Cheque or bank transfer preferred, but Paypal accepted at +2% to item value.GBP
    Price : 380.00