New Feisol Rapid Tripods and Monopods with RAL Anti-Rotation Legs

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    At the recent PMA photo industry trade show, Feisol announced their new Rapid Tripod and Monopod models with RAL (Rapid Action Legs) anti-rotation legs. Now, for the first time, Feisol affordable quality and ultralight weight is available in tripods and monopods with anti-rotation legs.

    New Fisol CT-3441S Rapid Tripod with RAL Anti-Rotation Legs​

    Really Big Cameras has the new CT-3441S Rapid model in stock and available for immediate shipment. All other Feisol Rapid models will be available later this month (March 2010). Prices on the new Feisol Rapid Tripods and Monopods are as follows:

    CT-3301 Rapid Tripod - $279.00
    CT-3401 Rapid Tripod - $284.00
    CT-3402 Rapid Tripod - $271.00
    CT-3441S Rapid Tripod - $388.00
    CT-3441SB Rapid Tripod with CB-30C Ballhead - $487.00
    CT-3441T Rapid Tripod - $414.00
    CT-3342 Rapid Tripod - $388.00
    CT-3442 Rapid Tripod - $401.00
    CT-3371 Rapid Tripod - $414.00
    CT-3471 Rapid Tripod - $414.00
    CT-3372 Rapid Tripod - $548.00
    CT-3472 Rapid Tripod - $570.00
    CT-3372LVL Rapid Tripod with Integrated Leveling Column - $635.00
    CT-3472 Rapid Tripod with Integrated Leveling Column - $657.00

    CM-1401 Rapid Monopod - $110.00
    CM-1471 Rapid Monopod - $128.00

    The specs for all new Feisol Rapid Tripods and Monopods will be the same as the current non-RAL models. All current non-RAL models will continue to be available at the current prices (specs and prices on the current non-RAL models can be seen here for tripods and here for monopods).

    To place an order, or for questions about the new Feisol Rapid Tripods and Monopods, please send an email to