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    Jan 28, 2005
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    I have a weakness for these cameras, and I think I have been lucky in my search for them.....

    First I got a Bergheil 8x12 with a 135,, F4,5 Heliar, 8 cassettes (with film inlays), 6 or 7 filters + tele and wide angle push-on lenses - all in a very nice case, and all in almost mint condition.
    (this was bought a
    Price: (ca 300$)

    A month ago, I was in Prague, and there I found a nice green Bergheil De Luxe (6.5x9) with 6 cassettes - filters and a pouch to carry cassettes. (Heliar 10.5 F 4.5)
    Beautiful outfit.
    (Price: about 300$)

    and just a couple of weeks ago, I spotted a VERY nice Bergheil with three (!!) lenses - 8 filters - two roll film cassettes (with inlays that makes me chose between 6x9; 6x6, and 4.5x6)
    Heliar 12cm - Schneider 10.5 F 3.5 and a Tele-Dynar 25.5cm F6.3.
    All in a great big leather suitcase.
    Price: 300$ (again...)

    I know I have payed abiut 900$ in all for these cameras, but looking at the Bay.. the prices go up very high, I think.

    Three cameras in great condition. 5 lenses; also in find condition with good working shutters.
    cassettes - roll film backs, and a lot of filters and push on lenses...

    I feel I did good..

    Just wanted to share.

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    So now you need to make some room in your collection. Send the Tele-Dynar to me and I'll dispose of it safely for you ;-)