Minox 35 fill flash

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    Jan 22, 2010

    I own a Minox 35 GSE (1993 model) and the MF 35 ST dedicated flash unit. My question is this: in Auto mode (defined by green and red modes) does the flash automatically flash at an intensity that yields correct exposure with chosen aperture, film speed and shutter speed or does it always flash with the same power?

    If for example I have 100 ISO film and it's a bright sunny day, so I'd use the sunny f/16 rule. However there are shadows that I want to fill in (as can happen with harsh bright sunlight). Red mode on the Minox flash tells me to use f5.6 in which case the camera would pick 1/500th of a second. What would happen if I used f/16?

    Basically, do Minox electronic flashes take into account ambient lighting?

    Minox aficionados, please help!