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    Nov 13, 2003
    I stumbled across a lot of images of my Mother in Law who served as an Ariforce nurse during Vietnam. They were with images of the traveling Wall, each with names of people she new in some capacity during the war. She passed away 7 years ago and her husband passed this past November. Until his death he kept a memorial area set up for her. It is hard to walk past it and not look at it. This got me thinking.

    Many of us have family who served and have passed. We have artifacts from those people.

    Here are my thoughts on parameters:
    -Image should be in the spirit of a Memorial and military service
    -Must have some direct connection to the image maker
    -must contain a small story, posted in this thread maybe.

    Just checking for some interest.
    In the U.S., Memorial day is May 26, but we do not have to have this as the deadline lots of places have memorial days all during the year. I am willing to go for the end of June.

    So, Who wants to participate? I noticed that Bertus already did. Nice atmosphere in the second post by the way, Bertus.