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Discussion in '[Classifieds] For Sale' started by mjs, Sep 25, 2010.

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    Mar 15, 2005
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    Somehow I've managed to accumulate four medium format dichroic color enlargers surplus to my needs. I have:

    Omega C-67 enlarger with C-700 Super Chromega 6x7 dichroic head. There are two of these: one with a geared column and white baseboard, the other with a cabled column and no baseboard. No lens or lensboard. $50 for the one with the baseboard, $40 for the one without.

    Simmon Omega Super Chromega C Dichroic with Omega Super Chromega C Dichroic II head. Also has Omega Solid State Voltage Stabilizer. No lens or lensboard. $50

    Beseler Dichro 67 with Beseler Dichro 67 Color Head and Beseler Stabilized Power Supply. This enlarger has a Rodenstock Rodegon 90mm f/4.5 enlarging lens on lensboard included. $60

    These enlargers are foreign to me; I have Beseler 45 and 23c enlargers and am perfectly happy with them. Prices do not include shipping from Elkhart, Indiana. Willing to deliver or meet halfway within reason. If you think I'm off my rocker, let me know what you think a fair price would be. Open to fair trades: I shoot 4x5, 8x10 and Minolta in 35mm. Pictures when I get new batteries for the wife's digi-snapper, hopefully some time tomorrow. I also have a couple of boxes of negative holders I'll be sorting through as the mood strikes; can probably find a range of negative holders to include with each of these enlargers at no extra charge.

Thread Status:
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