LPL Film loader

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    This week I purchased a darkroom, sink, enlarger, trays safelight and a LPL Film Loader. Gave away the enlarger to my nephew who wants to start in photography both digital and film and will give him some other stuff to set him up as already have two enlargers, only wanted the sink.

    I had never heard of a Film loader and for those who were like me it is a devise for aiding the loading of 35mmor 120 film onto metal reels. It appears more complicated that hand loading although I have not use metal reels for years and need to practise again.

    Has anyone ever used these and can you comment on its worthwhileness? I will play around with a couple of rolls of unwanted 35 and 120 to try it out but that is not the same as finding out from someone who has used it on a regular basis.

    Still have to sort out some of the weird stuff that came with the sink. A fun find and if the loader works so much the better. Graylab time , enlarger timer, two bulk film loaders and a developing tank as well as 3 11X14 trays were also in the mix and a copy stand and lights. $50 and a bottle of home made wine for that and the plywood in the cabinet is worth double that. She was happy to find a home for the stuff and to get it out of the basement.