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    I'm hunting for ideas for a share darkroom that I sometimes use. This place has Encapsulite fluro tubes in which they put sheets of ruby lith for safelights. They went red so it would be safe for East European papers as well as stuff like Ilford that goes OK under orange. However over time the rubylith has started to fade and needs to be replaced.
    Someone has suggested trying a Rosco Supergel #22 Amber. I was also told that there are/were fluro tubes that are made for B&W darkroom use with the red colour in the glass however the person telling me about it couldn't remember the name of the manufacturer. Does anyone know about them?
    I'd also be interested to hear if anyone has used the Encapsulite filter inserts.
    Basically I'm looking for suggestions to have the darkroom safe for the full range of B&W papers ideally using fluro tubes as they are the existing fittings.
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    You're pretty close - the Encapsulite R10 or R20 are fluorescent lights with the colour in the glass, that go into normal fixtures. Like this: http://www.encapsulite.com/doublelamp.html. I am not sure which one of the R10 or R20 is the correct one for you.

    AP has a red safelight, with a plastic cover and a small 15 w bulb. I have one but I don't know if it really is safe for the ADOX/Efke/Foma papers. Paterson has a simlair one, too. Other alternatives would be the DUKA safelight or getting a red LED light.
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