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    May 9, 2006
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    Dear Apugers
    I sent out a mailing list newsletter 2 days ago with an update on Lith printing products and other news.
    Quite a lot of apugers are still in the 'unconfirmed' section of my mailing list and will therefore not get these occasional newsletters.
    This is either because they didn't activate the confirmation link sent to their email OR because they are on the old World of Lith list and haven't responded to the switch-over emails.

    I hope this is the best place to address this but I have no way of effectively contacting all concerned and this seems to be where most lithers hang out.

    I'm not trawling for subscribers but IF you haven't received the newsletter in the last 48 hours and if you want it and future updates please resubscribe on and I will send it to you. This is an ever changing world and we all need all the help we can get to keep up to date!

    BTW, I am testing a promising new lith paper. More news will come later.

    Thanks all